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Our Projects

Studied Dam Projects

Sadasht Dam near Dezful in Khouzistan Province

Havasan Dam 130m high in Kermanshah Province

Ahmad Begloo earth Dam 70m high in E.Azerbaijan Province

Baft Dam in Kerman Province

Qadruni RCC Dam, 47m high in kerman Province

Ahl Eaman earth Dam 80m high in E.Azerbaijan Province

Songun Concrete Face Rockfill Dam 69m high in E.Azerbaijan Province

Ayat Kandi Tailings Dam 160m high in E. Azerbaijan Province

Paalam Earth Dam N.W. of Andimeshk 130m high with 430 MW hydro power generators in Khouzistan Province

Zeerdan Dam 42m high in Sistan Baluchistan Province

Kahir Dam 25m high in Sistan Baluchistan Province

Oman artificial recharge dams


Pishin Dam


Pishin in South Eastern Iran is a rockfill dam 63 m high with a crest length of 400 m and a storage capacity of 175 Mm3.A distinct feature of this dam is its overflow concrete structure Which was designed for a discharge of 11,300 m3/s and was tested in a major flood in January 2004 when water was overflowed with a height of 3.2m for a period of over 31 hours.

Gelak Dam


Gelak Dam is located in west located is west of Zahedan; it is an earth fill dam 26 m high from river bed and a crest length of 155.5 m. This dam was constructed for artificial recharge of the aquifer.

Mashkid Dam


Mashkid is an earth fill dam 23.5 m high with crest length of 1720m and a storage capacity of 70 Mm 3, located in Baluchistan. All the preliminary and detailed studies have been completed and the dam is under construction.

Cham Aseman Dam


This is aconcrete diversion dam and one of the structures constituting the Geater Esfahan Area water supply system. It is located on Zayandeh Rud River with a height of 4.5m and lenghth of 63m.

Sistan Dikes


Sistan Dikes were constructed to take over and separate an area in the lake for storing the highly saline and alkaline drainage waters from the Sistan Plain and prevent them from entering the fresh water lake. The total lenghths of these dikes were 14,070 m with an average height of 4.5 m.

Aras Hydro Power


A general Master plan study was carried out in the ARAS Watershed in North Eastern Iran and several sites were selected for construction of 10 m high dams for producing an annual energy of around 35Gwh.

Pishin Dam Heightening


In the original design was foreseen that the height of the overflow weir to be increased in future to allow more storage capacity for the dam. This study was carried out resulting in proposing installation of 17 gates adding 5 m to the overflow elevation, increasing the storage volume to 250 Mm3.

Shir Govaz Diversion Dam


This gated diversion dam with an intake an intake structure is located in Sistan Baluchistan Province down stream from Pishin Dam which diverts water to Bahu Kalat Plain through a 7km concrete lined canal.