Pars Consult | Services
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Our Wide Range of Services

Planning Services

General development studies, site investigation, studies concerning the technical, economical and financial viability of projects (feasibility studies).

Engineering Services

Project studies with formulation of cost estimates, drawings, preparation Of bill of quantities, specifications and tender documents, tender evaluation and preparation of contracts for contractors

Co-ordination Services

Construction and site supervision, site inspection during manufacture, supervision of erection, supply of site staff, certification of completed works, and construction management

Our Fields of Activities

Municipal Water

Industrial Water

Water Management

Water resources

Water Treatment

Municipal Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater

Wastewater Treatment

River Engineering & Rehabilitation

Flood Control & Management

Municipal Strom Water Collection

River Control

Water Transfer Tunnels & Canals

Pump Stations

Water Storage Reservoirs

Water Storage, Diversion & Recharge Dams

Hydro Power Plants

Tailings Dams

Irrigation Systems

Drainage System

Regional Planning

Geological Investigations



Strengthening of Structures against Earthquake Effect

Environmental Assessments